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Re: Can I join you here in August?

Originally Posted by 3 ladybugs View Post
Forgot to answer this bit.

I took coconut oil and whipped it up in my mixer. I started with about 1/4 cup. Then I took and melted cocoa butter (about 1/4 cup but it is hard to tell as it wasn't solid) in a canning jar in a pot of boiling water. I was dumb though and put the hot liquid on the coconut oil. So it all melted together. So I put my mixer bowl in the fridge for about 15 minutes then took it out and whipped it again. MUCH better this time though it took a few times of scraping the sides to be fully mixed and close to lump free. DS LOVES the stuff. I have stored it in the fridge and I have yet to get it out today. I will let you know if you should do that.
Thanks! I'm totally going to do this, it's so dry here and we've been going through a ton of moisturizer for the kids. What did you mix it in, a KitchenAid? Sorry for the 20 questions!
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