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Originally Posted by FernHollow
I'm in WA and in an area with a high cost of living. It would be WAY cheaper to eat a SAD, but I just won't compromise on that. We did it for a couple months when DH was first laid off and we all felt so terrible. We were previously grain free for health reasons, but now we eat some properly prepared grains daily. It is a compromise I had to make to be able to make sure we had enough food on the table and I'm totally okay with it at this point. I bake EVERYTHING from scratch using my sourdough starter. I use the starter to make pancakes, muffins, crackers, pizza crusts, etc. in addition to our regular bread. We try to keep the starches to a minimum but we do eat some homemade sourdough, rice, oatmeal and a little corn. We only buy organic for the wheat and corn because of GMOs. I do cook pasta maybe once a week, but sometimes swap it out for zucchini or spaghetti squash.

The biggest thing I do to save money is meal plan and make my own broth for soups/stews and homemade kefir/yogurt. We do own dairy goats (they are dry right now though) and chickens...but honestly I don't think they save us any money at all. I find it really helpful to make a list of all the healthy TF type meals and snacks I could make that are naturally inexpensive. Smoothies with frozen fruit and homemade kefir, sandwiches made with homemade sourdough and leftover grassfed meat, eggs cooked in butter any way you can think of, soups and stews made with homemade broth, etc. We have found that the way we feel best and save a lot of money is by filling our plates with tons of SEASONAL fruits and veggies. We spend our money on TONS of produce (as much organic as we can, but not always) and then fill in the gaps with pantry staples (organic wheat flour, rice, honey, coconut oil, etc) and the VERY highest quality animal products we can. I buy good cheeses, pastured butter, eggs from our hens and we only eat pastured beef or chicken. We have been living on a food stamp level budget and honestly it IS completely doable.
Am I the only person in WA who thinks food prices are reasonable? Lol. But seriously, my friend came to visit, she lived in WY at the time and now lives in Nebraska. Extremely low cost of living (our rent is triple what her house payment is) but our ORGANIC food prices are double her conventional food prices. She was shocked at te price of our produce, dairy, even meat... Then even more shocked when she realized I was getting mostly organics. When we visit my sister in FL (her rent is half of my rent), her Walmart prices were higher than our Fred Meyer prices. Nearly every place we visit around the country has the same price food or higher.
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