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Re: Do you need to prep stay dry liners? Help a newbie with Flips and Totsbot

Originally Posted by ExcitedMamma View Post
Thank you! DD is almost 5 months old so is the stay dry liner more for after she's eating solids? Or do I sandwich in the new daytime inserts to hold pee better?
I guess I'm not understanding what you mean by stay dry liner? Is it the stay dry flip inserts that I linked to? That would be what absorbs the waste. The stay dry top is so when baby wets it doesn't feel as moist on baby skin. Stay dry has nothing to do with what gets on the cover.

With the flip system you can reuse the covers once whenever the poop doesn't get one them. This is possible with any inserts or prefolds ect.

You can use multiple inserts if you think your child needs more absorbency. Is there any leaking onto baby clothes?
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