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What do you use? I have a hand-me-down that's pretty good but it's woven on the outside and plasticky stuff on the inside. The plasticky stuff is way thicker than the PUL I've got though. I've made a couple of wetbags from the PUL I've got (which I assume is 1's all diaper stuff I've gotten from FSOT) and they leak like mad. I wind up wrapping wet diapers in a dry PF before putting them in the bag half the time! Should I get some 2mil PUL or vinyl or something else? Is there some other trick? I noticed that on SIL's pail-liner, there's a strip sewn over the seams which I assume is to prevent wicking there but my poor little bags seem so flimsy that I'm not sure that would even help. I really miss my wool wetbag! Got to find me a huge sweater to felt but I'll still need something to keep in the diaper bag for on the go.
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