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Re: Packing Lunches for Daycare

Originally Posted by jbug_4 View Post
That really depends on the center and the child. I was a preschool teacher and have also worked for years in daycare and preschool. In a home based one it usually works well for a parent to come in. In larger centers not so much. Especially if the child cries when left or has separation anxiety. It takes way longer for those kids to adjust to day care. It is very dependent on the child and the center. And the older they get it causes a big disruption to the class itself if multiple parents coming in and staying isn't a regular occurrence. Every center I have worked at encouraged parents to occasionally stop by but asked if you wanted to eat lunch with your child that you pick them up and return them after lunch rather then stay in the classroom. I would not be allowed at all to go into my daughter elementary school and sit to have lunch with her. For security reasons there is no way her elementary school would allow that.
yeah I have worked at about 6 diff preschools or daycares and it was fine with all of them (some were chain centers like la petite and kindercare). And around here, moms go to the schools all the time to have lunch with their kids. They just sign in :shrug:
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