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Re: Packing Lunches for Daycare

I had one boy (We called him Salad John) Who would only eat salad prepared by his Mom. Nobody else could touch his salad. He knew the name of every vegetable ever. He was an encyclopedia of vegetables.

So, while it was occasionally a slight pain in the neck to deal with lunch, and his lunch too, it wasn't obnoxious or anything. I doubt I would have cooked anything separate for him, but really, how hard is it to open a glass jar and pour it in a bowl?

I think if you are fixing things that don't need to be heated or cooked, and it's not junk food, I bet they will be O.K with it.

I think most daycares will say "no" because more often than not, the child will come to school with ziplocks full or cheetoes and oreos.
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