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Re: Feb chat for Feb Mamas!!!

Originally Posted by MDever View Post
Glad your appointment went well. I am so jealous that you had a quiet dinner with your DH. My last appointment is tomorrow(I am not due until the 16th) because I am being induced if I have not had our LO by Saturday. We are nearly positive that he is already over 10lbs and I have precipitus delivery so after weighing all of our options we have decided to go ahead with AROM on Saturday. I have delivered an 11lb baby before but we are concerned he is bigger after ultrasound, the midwife exam, and my poor vagina and tail bone. I can't imagine having a complication and being stuck at home with no adult help or in the car. I wish I felt a bit better about it but it is what it is. I had really hoped to go in to labor on my own so that I can use the labor tub. The hospital will not allow it if I am being "induced". I am already 5cm and 80% so it won't be a long labor Thanks for reading I am having a bit of an emotional pity party today I think.
That's a bummer they won't let you use the tub since it's just AROM and not pit or cervadil I wish you a quick labor mama My last I was 5 cms before labor started and it was a quick, especially after my water was broken

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