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Re: Packing Lunches for Daycare

Hi - Just a few thoughts! You sound a lot like me, except for the moose meatballs! :-) My daughter goes part-time to a center daycare, but started at 3 mos. They do not offer meals (a blessing!), but used to offer snacks, but no longer do. I used to have issues with the snacks, and would provide my own, but they would still give her their junky snack food sometimes anyway, which I was ultimately ok with because it wasn't THAT much. I think you said 2 teachers for 5 kids. My center is 2 teachers for 8 babies, and they were managing meals from home, so I couldn't imagine it would be that difficult for them to put finger foods down on a tray for your daughter! She will probably be given snacks in a little tray seat, so there really isn't a lot of opportunity for grabbing other kids' food at that age. Once they share a table, I'm sure it's a different story.

At my center, it is very common for moms to come in on their lunch breaks to nurse. Also, there's a mom at my work who goes to her son's daycare on her lunch break. That is a big corporate run daycare, so I don't think it's an unusual request.

Re: sleeping, my daughter used to sleep in their cribs, and will sleep on a mat on the floor now, even though we co-slept. It really shocked me, but it's an amazing thing that happens at daycare. The kids kind of just go along with what the other kids do!

I hope you are as surprised as I was at how easy the transition went for my daughter. Good luck!

P.S. Oh, and I am totally "that mom"! And, I don't care. I am always super-nice with my requests, and super super appreciative of my daughter's care providers! I am sure it is possible they find me annoying, but I also know that they know I appreciate them and their willingness to accommodate, and so it is!
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