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Re: using coupons

A lot of grocery store double coupons under .99. I live in a very expensive area and shoppers and Safeway double coupons up to .99. Also, I've saved a TON of money at Safeway with their just for u coupons.

Also, I know it isn't the best, but I would invest in a deep freezer. At Safeway they almost always have clearance meat on sale for 30% off but it expires the next day so I just buy it all and pop it in the freezer.

To really save money on coupon ing you have to stock up when stuff is cheap. It might take a few months to build up your stockpile but then you'll be able to go six months or more without buying ANY beauty products, etc. I am still building mine but between groceries and cvs I spend $500 a month total. I am hoping to cut that in half by next month because I'm pretty much done stockpiling.
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