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Re: Packing Lunches for Daycare

I think whatever you work out with the daycare is fine. but it is important to go in prepared to work WITH your daycare, not go in with demands and expect special treatment. please be careful about putting your aunt in a bad position. she may say yes because it is too hard to say no to a relative....but it could become an issue with the actual staff (i am assuming your aunt is not working in the infant room). just try to remain open minded and respectful. make the workers job as easy as possible. maybe the lunch drop ins wont be a problem but if they are a problem, make sure the teachers know they can talk to you about anything and that you are prepared to make this work.

i would just hate for this to become an issue where your aunt it allowing things but the teachers become resentful of all the special treatment and extra work that comes with having your daughter in class. just something to consider. be very mindful of not only how your daughter is doing but also how the situation is affecting everyone else. this is group care, not nanny one-on-one care.
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