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Originally Posted by Marianna1988

Am I the only person in WA who thinks food prices are reasonable? Lol. But seriously, my friend came to visit, she lived in WY at the time and now lives in Nebraska. Extremely low cost of living (our rent is triple what her house payment is) but our ORGANIC food prices are double her conventional food prices. She was shocked at te price of our produce, dairy, even meat... Then even more shocked when she realized I was getting mostly organics. When we visit my sister in FL (her rent is half of my rent), her Walmart prices were higher than our Fred Meyer prices. Nearly every place we visit around the country has the same price food or higher.
Sorry I was talking to my DH while typing this. Lol. Got my train of thought mixed up. I meant she pays double for conventional that I pay for organic. And like the same foods were double or triple what she paid. I bought a container of organic blueberries for $2.50 (not during blueberry season), she said her kids have never really had them because even in blueberry season they are $6+ for a container of non-organic. She wanted some apple crisps, was surprised that they were $1.29 here where she pays $4 a bag. She lived in one of the biggest towns in WY, so it's not like it was little town store jacking up prices or anything. She had more stores to choose from than I do lol.
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