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Re: Help! Our vacuum is dead :(

I owned a dyson and it was AWFUL. It was the smaller version of the Dyson ball and the plastic construction was just really cheap. I truly do not understand the huge following of Dyson fans, I've tried them at other people's houses as well and never felt like they seemed "quality" or worked well. Plus they are huge and heavy. I spent the same amount of money that I would have spent on a Dyson when our old one died and bought a Miele canister on Amazon. They are incredibly great German quality, work wonderfully and will last many, many years. Plus it is really lightweight and much easier to maneuver than that clunky Dyson ever was. Totally worth EVERY penny, I actually enjoy vaccuming because it is so nice

In my personal circle of family and friends I haven't known anyone that has their Dyson last more than 3-5 years. It sounds like their are other very similar but less expensive options like the Shark Navigator you could go with if you are really sold on an upright.
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