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Re: Shy kids

I know how she feels. Im not a fan of large groups of people. The school experience was different for me because my family was moving almost constantly after I was 11, but it was absolute h*ll for me. When ds was in prek, only 16 hours a week, it was very draining on him. He likes being around other kids, but the big group setting every day for so long was more than he could handle. I started to see things in his behavior that made me really sad, and I didnt want to see him go further down that path of feeling the way he did, and acting out because of it. We decided to homeschool him this year and there has been a huge difference in his confidence. He's much happier, much more confident in who he is and what he likes, and since there isnt the contant need to be surrounded with other kids, he is more outgoing and eager to play/get to know other kids when he meets them now. He's sometimes still shy in a big group of kids, but since he doesnt have to do it all the time it doesn't stress him out nearly as bad.

I know homeschooling isnt an option for everyone but I thought Id mention that.
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