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Cheap combination alternative to Radian

Just picked this up at walmart. I don't actually have a Radian to compare them side by side, but the width of the base is only 17" and the back is only 17.5" at the widest point. It's incredibly thin and goes up to 65 lb and 57" in harness mode!

Here's some stuff I found on the car-seat forums:

DD 4 (45" 45 lb) was comfortable in the seat and it looks like it will last her a good long while. I don't think we'll use it as a booster, but pass it on when Itsy outgrows her convertible. I can actually see two of these sitting side by side in a narrow vehicle.

This is a HWH/combination, not a convertible as advertised, it does not RF.

This is a great seat and a great deal for those of us on a really tight budget. I'm incredibly relieved to have found it because the Radian (which I thought was our only option for Ladybug in a 3 in a row config) would have put a huge dent in our budget.
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