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Originally Posted by Spunkify
Green poops could be virus or dairy sensitivity. If she was bleeding from somewhere like her nose and swallowed it it could cause blood in her diaper. Same if your nipple was bleeding and she swallowed it. If she ate something with food dye in it (like frosting) that could cause poop specks or streaks in that color.

Is she straining to go poop or having hard, pebble like poop?

Could she have a UTI (which can cause blood to be seen) or are you sure it's from the poop?
She's EBF, so definitely not food coloring. She has typical seedy EBF poo, but it's been unusually greenish lately. It's anything but hard! The blood is definitely in her poo. I thought it was red threads or fibers at first. She has not had any bloody noses or anything and I have not had any nipple issues.

I'm trying so hard not to panic!
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