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Re: Newborn acne - new pic 2/4 in post #16

I have three hands here. On the one hand, it's normal newborn acne and it'll go away on its own after some indeterminate amount of time. I've had people see his pictures and say, "My baby looked JUST LIKE THAT and it went away by itself, seemingly overnight, but I can't remember when."

On the other hand, what if it is a food allergy and I keep waiting for it to go away by itself, but it just keeps getting worse and worse? At what point should I give up on it being just regular, normal newborn acne?

And on the OTHER hand (see, there's my third hand, lol), what if I try cutting out foods but I either cut out the wrong food or it's not food-related at all and I go through a few weeks of label-checking and it all ends up being for naught?

Right now, I'm just waiting. The midwife is going to see us again on Wednesday and I'll see what she thinks (at my last appointment, she suggested probiotics for me, and I've been taking those since Saturday but haven't noticed any positive difference in his skin). Then his next pedi appt is on 3/1 so I'll see what she says there, too. Then maybe after that, if he's still this bad, I'll go the food route.
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