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Re: Newborn acne - new pic 2/4 in post #16

Both my girls had raging cases of newborn acne.

I hated it.

An 8 yr old boy came up and said, "ZOMG WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR BABY'S FACE!!!?"

I wanted to say, "What happened to YOURS?!" But instead, I smiled patiently and said, "oh nothing, it's just a rash babies get sometimes, she's ok."

Then I went home and cried for 2 days. Stupid post partum hormones.

Anyway, my MW rec'd ACV on a cotton swab and just wipe off the affected areas a couple times a day. TBH, I'm not sure it made much of a difference at all. But it made me FEEL like I was doing something.

I think my girl's had that stupid newborn acne for, like, 3 mos. And they both have very sensitive skin also.
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