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Re: Feb chat for Feb Mamas!!!

It looks like I'm going to see my due date (I calculated it as the 5th, dr says the 6th) come and go with no baby

I have an appt scheduled for tomorrow and my mom and dh don't seem to believe that I won't ask to be induced at it. Probably because I have for my last two pregnancies. I've been telling myself for months that I should give my body one more week to see if it will go into labor on it's own. If it doesn't I'll be pretty bummed to be induced anyway.

I guess I am just not sure when is a good time for this baby to be born. Part of me would really like to go into labor on my own, just to see how/ when my body reacts to going into labor. The other part of me remembers my last two peaceful, stress- free, fairly short inductions and thinks that isn't a bad route either considering I'm gbs positive and it would take dh about an hour to get home from work.

Another complicating factor is I have two other birthday's to work around. DD1 was born on Feb 9th, and DD3 was born on the 13th. I figure that if I go into labor naturally then they were meant to share birthdays, but if I ask to be induced at my appt tomorrow (the 7th) there is a good chance I could be induced on the 9th even though it is a saturday. With dd3 I was induced on a sunday because the hospital is so busy.
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