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pointers on how to deal with ammonia. please.

Ok so I feel like I've tried everything, it even worked for a while, and now its back.
Its only in my fitteds and we only use fitteds at night.
So right now I rinse them in the morning, and put them in a wet pail with vinegar. I wash every other day, I then rinse them again before I put them in the wash. My wash routine is cold soak, hot soak, hot wash with tide and 1/8 cup bleach, regular wash no soap. I have super soft water as well.
And this routine worked well for like a week and then it came back, at first it was just a slight ammonia (I really had to sniff for it) but now its back fully. I'm trying to rinse them longer, but I'm not sure if it will do anything.
Anyone have anything else to maybe change or try?
The only thing I can think of is boiling the inserts, but they have snaps so I'm not sure if I'm comfortable testing it out.
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