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Re: Any "real"/traditionally nourished (or paleo) foodies in here?

OK, so I'm weirded out that a certain Greek yogurt brand name was starred out. o.0

Originally Posted by pgkcb13 View Post
I can't find the website I got it from, it's been a couple years... but here it is:

olive oil
1/2lb radishes
2 cloves garlic
approx 2T honey
S&P to taste

Basically you blanch the green beans and then put the beans, radishes (sliced or quartered) in a pan with garlic (sliced or minced) and heat until they just start to get soft, then take it off the heat and add the honey and S&P.

It's a very forgiving recipe. We usually double it because between the four of us it goes quick
This is a great idea, thank you!!!

Originally Posted by FernHollow View Post
The biggest thing I do to save money is meal plan and make my own broth for soups/stews and homemade kefir/yogurt. We do own dairy goats (they are dry right now though) and chickens...but honestly I don't think they save us any money at all. I find it really helpful to make a list of all the healthy TF type meals and snacks I could make that are naturally inexpensive. Smoothies with frozen fruit and homemade kefir, sandwiches made with homemade sourdough and leftover grassfed meat, eggs cooked in butter any way you can think of, soups and stews made with homemade broth, etc. We have found that the way we feel best and save a lot of money is by filling our plates with tons of SEASONAL fruits and veggies. We spend our money on TONS of produce (as much organic as we can, but not always) and then fill in the gaps with pantry staples (organic wheat flour, rice, honey, coconut oil, etc) and the VERY highest quality animal products we can. I buy good cheeses, pastured butter, eggs from our hens and we only eat pastured beef or chicken. We have been living on a food stamp level budget and honestly it IS completely doable.
I know it's doable. Just trying to get a feel for what everyone else is doing. We're hoping to work our way towards laying hens at least - dairy goats are on our radar as well. DH isn't on board yet with raw milk, though, so I basically buy organic whole milk for cooking and (hopefully) culturing. My cultures are a gamble, though.
I definitely have a goal for raised beds after we move - our current yard never gets more than 3 hours of direct sun in any one spot. Not veggie-friendly.

Originally Posted by Marianna1988 View Post
Sorry I was talking to my DH while typing this. Lol. Got my train of thought mixed up. I meant she pays double for conventional that I pay for organic. And like the same foods were double or triple what she paid. I bought a container of organic blueberries for $2.50 (not during blueberry season), she said her kids have never really had them because even in blueberry season they are $6+ for a container of non-organic. She wanted some apple crisps, was surprised that they were $1.29 here where she pays $4 a bag. She lived in one of the biggest towns in WY, so it's not like it was little town store jacking up prices or anything. She had more stores to choose from than I do lol.
Really it comes down to the type of produce. Admittedly we have the *best* prices on apples and many of the berries, organic or no. It's our climate. Other things are high-maintenance growers out here.

Originally Posted by AmberP View Post
All of us crazy Pacific Northwesterers

My grocery budget is around $650-675/m for mostly organic produce, standard ("natural") meat and grassfed dairy-- I hate grassfed meat LOL. Then around $50/m for toiletries etc. We do a CSA in the spring and summer.

I am trying really hard to figure out how to cut back on our grocery budget, but I'm drawing a blank.
I miss the energy & gas prices of the Gorge (used to live in Vancouver after a brief stint in NE P-town).

Originally Posted by FernHollow View Post
Hmm...maybe it depends on what part of WA? I'm actually just across the bridge in Gig Harbor, and our prices are usually MUCH higher than Tacoma. I know many family members around the US pay way less than I pay for most typical items. I'm surprised that you think our prices are reasonable, I honestly really have to work at keeping on budget.
Hello!! I'm in Port Orchard, so we alternately shop in GH and Silverdale. Like I mentioned to the PP, I think it has a lot to do with what produce items we're talking about (and how long they had to travel). Fred Meyer's Simply Organic line is making some things easier; and I loved when Costco had the 25# bags of BRM organic whole wheat flour. But we're also at the mercy of the seasons here with our short growing season. Winter food prices can be horrible, and I know I feel it more since PSE started hiking energy costs as well.
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