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Originally Posted by nonipie View Post
Are you running a rinse cycle first or just the soaks? I would stop soaking them. I have never had luck with that although I know some people do. I would rinse them in the morning still, then not use the vinegar. Then on wash day do a prewash-no soak with 1/4 cup of bleach, then your hot wash.
I agree with this. One wash cycle will be better than 2 soak cycles since it will agitate more. Also agree with upping the bleach and using it in your prewash, you should use a bit of detergent in the prewash too. You could also try Bac Out instead of vinegar when you rinse the overnight diapers in the morning, and a little Bac Out on poopy ones too, it really breaks down the odor causing yuckies and bacteria. Vinegar is great as a fabric softener/rinse aid for soft water though.

In my experience and research, ammonia is from bacteria and/or their metabolic products (i.e. from poop, originally), and bleach is the best way to fix it. We bleach frequently and our nighttime solution is a pocket stuffed with a flat and Thirsties hemp prefold. If I catch a hint of ammonia in the morning, or if DD has some yuckier than normal poops, that's when I bleach (in the prewash). I am a Tide F&G user myself too though I use other stuff sometimes too, I look for enzymes!
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