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Re: pointers on how to deal with ammonia. please.

Originally Posted by shen7 View Post
I agree with this. One wash cycle will be better than 2 soak cycles since it will agitate more. Also agree with upping the bleach and using it in your prewash, you should use a bit of detergent in the prewash too. You could also try Bac Out instead of vinegar when you rinse the overnight diapers in the morning, and a little Bac Out on poopy ones too, it really breaks down the odor causing yuckies and bacteria. Vinegar is great as a fabric softener/rinse aid for soft water though.

In my experience and research, ammonia is from bacteria and/or their metabolic products (i.e. from poop, originally), and bleach is the best way to fix it. We bleach frequently and our nighttime solution is a pocket stuffed with a flat and Thirsties hemp prefold. If I catch a hint of ammonia in the morning, or if DD has some yuckier than normal poops, that's when I bleach (in the prewash). I am a Tide F&G user myself too though I use other stuff sometimes too, I look for enzymes!
i don't know anywhere that sells bac out near me (i'm in canada) and i don't want to start using something i have to order online all the time. also there is never poop in the fitteds, they are only for night time, would they still get poop build up in them from my other diapers even tho they are all rinsed??
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