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Re: Any "real"/traditionally nourished (or paleo) foodies in here?

Originally Posted by Melinda29 View Post
On the yogurt--are you using organic milk? I ask because most organic milk is ultra-pasteurized, which is very difficult to culture because most of the protein has been denatured. Ultra-pastuerized dairy products are dangerous to consume for a variety of reasons as well, so avoid them at all costs. Regular hormone-free milk will work well, or if you can get your hands on grassfed VAT pasteurized milk (Kalona and Hyvee Health Mart are two brands I know of) is the best of the best. Nutritionally and digestively, it's on par with raw milk.
I'm aware of the WAP stance on raw vs. pasteurized, but DH is not on board with raw milk yet. Otherwise, I'd be supporting a local raw dairy for just about $1/more a gallon than my organic whole milk. In any case, the organic whole milks I've picked up are "regular" pasteurized, not "ultra-pasteurized." And the main reason I shifted to them from regular milk (rBST is already illegal in my state) is the AB issue. Noticed a definite reduction in both DDs's rash and gut issues when we went 100% organic.

Thankfully, my first attempt with a heritage buttermilk culture took, just in 2X the time (and my house is about 5 degrees cooler than they recommend).
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