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My dd is allergic to egg whites, corn, dairy, peanuts, soy, legumes, coconut, and almonds. Luckily we don't deal with wheat as well. It is VERY hard. Since we don't have the wheat allergy, I'm not familiar with it and can't recommend much. We do a ton of rice and potatoes. We haven't found a cake recipe either but it looks like dd can tolerate eggs, it just gives her eczema so while we still avoid it, we can include it sometimes if needed. Can she just sub the yolks? Jbug4 has a dd with a ton of allergies and she had some great food recommendations for me. Salisbury steak with homemade gravy, homemade steak a jus sandwiches (on gluten free of course) chicken, soups. One dd loves is taking hormels natural lunch meat, putting some nondairy rice cheese on a tortilla and then warming it up. It's like a chicken quesadilla. If she can find a cheese, and something to sub for the tortilla, she can do tacos and the quesadillas.
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