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Re: While i go crazy waiting

Originally Posted by aries416 View Post
For an autism eval. My son is saying 1 new word daily at least and is now able to finish some sentences in his favorite books. He takes notice of other kids a d wants to be near them. Routine does not matter to him. He's very loving and will seek out attention from adults and some other kids. Does he sound possibly autistic to you? Language is his big deficit, but he is making progress. 3 months ago he had zero words.
He sounds almost exactly like my son except that your boy is progressing much faster with speech. Our therapists and doctors are not at all concerned about autism.

Originally Posted by luvsviola View Post
Good luck mama! My son blossomed in developmental preschool. It was great for him. 5 days a week, and bus transportation (complete with harnesses) is provided. I would highly recommend you give it a chance. He loves going (after the initial adjustment period), and his vocabulary has skyrocketed to the point that after about 9 months, he is age appropriate and beyond. They work on his sensory needs, and help get him prepared to function in a kindy class. His class is small, and they have an OT, ST, preschool teacher, and a para for 10 kids.
This is so great to hear! We will be starting preschool in September and our boy will have a speech therapist and personal assistant so I love to hear the success stories!
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