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Re: Paleo Chat Jan, Feb & March 2013

Originally Posted by MarieSeeking View Post
We loooove fruit leathers. Lol.
We ate a lot of them for awhile...but then one day I didn't have one to send with DD and so I apologized and she said, "Oh, it's ok, I don't really like them anyway." I think she used to? But maybe we just had them too often? I dunno.
Originally Posted by AmberP View Post
How is February treating everyone?

I ate REAL meat tonight!!! It was chopped up and hidden in a taco, but I ate it without gagging! Baby steps =D
WOOOOOOOOOOO!! Baby steps! I'm so proud ;-)

Feb is ok... I was out of town and at the mercy of my hosts to feed me well, ok, I could have brought all my own food for the 4 days, but I'm not at that point yet. I willingly ate what someone else cooked. Which was frozen pizza one night and tacos the next, so that was easier, I did eat one small corn tortilla, but then went back for seconds and skipped the tortilla - and called it a taco salad. I did eat the cheese and sour cream tho, so we couldn't really call it paleo....HA!

Originally Posted by BNC View Post
I feel like crud. I've beed BAD the last 3 weeks and its finally catching up with me. I have way less energy and just plain ole don't feel good. I NEED to get back in the saddle. So far today I have been primal...its a start. Scrambled egg whites with gouda with 2tsp heavy cream. I will have a taco salad with avocado for lunch.

I'm trying to balance paleo with dieting....I'm loosing weight eating crap....I need to figure out a paleo menu that will hopefully let me loose weight.
I've been having better luck lately trying to watch my carb intake while eating paleo...cuz yeah, I'm trying to lose weight too! I love juicing, so that's an easy way to increase my volume of veggies. (btw, last week doesn't count - I gained a pound! and I spent 4 days not eating so paleo, and low carb, works for me I guess! )

I just started a weight loss challenge, too, it runs for 8 weeks! Wish me luck!

and yeah, I just went to the store without a menu plan. That was silly. I should do that...right now....
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