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Re: If you wore pants/bottoms during labor

With DD#2 (homebirth) I wore gauncho (sp?) style pants (no underwear) and didn't have any leakage, my water wasn't broken. It wasn't until my midwives broke my water that they came off, but then they had me start pushing right after.

This time, I'll be in the hospital I don't plan on wearing their gowns but I'll most likely be wearing yoga style pants with a sports bra until I get in the labor tub then just the sports bra.... then I don't plan to put on their gown at all, just stick with the sports bra for pushing (I can change into a dry one since I packed 2). If it goes as fast as I anticipate then hopefully I'll get admitted, find out I'm pretty far dilated and be able to get into the tub right away until I feel the need to push.

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