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Re: How long to fast for the 1 hr GD test?

This definitely varies by provider.

With my first 5 kids, the only instructions I was given was to fast after midnight. Nothing other than water until after my blood draw. I failed the 1hr 3 out of 5 times (passed it during my first 2 pregnancies, failed during my last 3) doing it that way, only to go on to pass the 3hr test. Nothing like having to take that awful 3hr test only to find out the 1hr results were flawed.

With this baby, my midwife told me to try it a different way. She said to load up on carbs for the 3 days leading up to the test, and then to eat a light breakfast the morning of the test.. 1hr before I was scheduled to drink the Glucola. I had some scrambled eggs, 3pcs of bacon, and a slice of peanut butter toast. I was skeptical and totally expecting to fail. Surprise... I passed!
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