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#1 - I laughed. We had been trying for 4 years. I had symptoms of pg but had gotten 2 negative tests the week before. I hate seeing bfn so I stopped testing. Dh and I had just had a huge argument and I was terribly emotional. He made me go to the bathroom and test. When 2 lines showed up I started laughing uncontrollably. Ds's name is Isaac...which means "laughter". Ds was conceived around dr was totally perplexed.

#2 - we had been trying again for almost 2 years. I had just had a failed clomid cycle and was depressed. My best friend had just announced her pregnancy and I was devastated (though happy for her). I decided to start my next round of clomid that night so I tested before I started the provera. I got a faint bfp and freaked out!!! Turns out I was actually due BEFORE my friend. I had gotten pregnant around cd30-35. My dr couldn't make sense of it...again. I told him I serve a God in the business of miracles.

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