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Re: DCF - What to Expect?

Thanks for all the concern Mamas.

I'm not sure that I like our worker. I mean, realistically, kinda hard to like someone of such position anyway haha. I feel like she is over trained to nit-pick. For example, the baby had been asleep on my lap when she arrived, and I had to put her down for a moment to grab my shoes to let her in. This produced some tears, which subsided as soon as she was picked back up, but my caseworker went on an on about the "tear in her eye", asking me lots of questions. I really felt like she was implying things! This is not the only example.
She really talks down to you as well. I suppose a lot of workers have developed that trait however, given the nature of the more unpleasant aspects of the job.

So, she did notice the pee smell. I explained the circumstances, and all that I have done to try and avoid/remove the issue. My mom and several friends have stated that it is a lot better, but there's probably no way to completely rid it from the carpets at this point. I wish there was a way to have the landlord put wood flooring in :/
She seemed pleased with other things, like the sleeping arrangements, food, etc. She got all pissy about the immunization status however. She of course tried to use the "you know they might DIE" tactic, even after I explained how vaccines injured my oldest.
There are some services she said she can set us up with.

There were several reports filed, most I could tell by who. Some of them just weren't fair, like my toddler going to school with no socks. He has sensory integration issues, socks give him a bad day some days. And "Mother seems to have a lack of concern when the oldest child reacts violently." The people that filed these reports have very little experience with special needs kids obviously. I really feel now like I'm ganged up on in a corner with lots of accusations but no one offering me solutions. I gave up EVERYTHING in my life to take care of these kids, I'm completely stuck opportunity wise and financially because of them, and now I'm being pegged for neglect.
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