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Re: TTC 30+ 1/26 - 2/16 it's baby time.

Originally Posted by tedcgh View Post
Crazy strong cramps today. I was worried that I was going to find that I started bleeding heavy again and maybe I hadn't passed everything and wind up with a D&C. Thankfully no bleeding just bad after cramps I guess. I keep torturing myself looking at NB stuff. Plus it seems like everyone wants to know when we are going to have more. I want to blurt out well we were going to have one in September/October, but I keep it to myself. My other losses I was sad and more emotional. This time I feel cold And been pretty much angry and frustrated. It is interesting how different stages of my life and situations that a pregnancy/loss has occurred, how my emotions have varied so much.
Sorry to be the downer. I poor group is just a mess lately.
Just wanted to say sorry and I know how you feel

AFM- Went to new obgyn practice yesterday- they are for high risk and were referred to me from my GP whom I trust 100%-
They were really thorough, took all the time in the world- we went through the past 10 years of info and after all of it, the 5 pregnancies in 10 years (2 live births) the 2 very recent early losses- I was told basically,
I have proven fertility and that I should not be medicated and to just keep trying. He also does not supplement progesterone and told me it is not proven to help???
At first, I felt kind of let down- I thought I may get some sort of explanation on why I could not hold the last 2 pregnancies and a miracle drug or something that would help... but he ran through tons of stats with me and with my given case, the vitamins(prenatal, vit D, B complex and one baby asprin) are all that he want me to take. He was big on the baby asprin.
I was worried that maybe the soy iso that I took had caused the MC but he told me no... I could still use the soy at the beginning of the month if i wanted but I am leery to say the least, I do have a strong O while taking it tho and it got me pg 2x I swear...still scared.
So after my 1 hour car ride home I felt unbelievably relieved, and no longer let down. I feel hopeful and have a different perspective for now. I tend to want to control things and must stop trying to control this. If it is Gods will it will happen.
praying for all of you mamas every day
Andrea~ Wife to an amazing DH and Mama to- Luke 10, Caleb, 7, 3 angels and Brooks our new addition!

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