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Re: DCF - What to Expect?

*hugs* People that make reports that don't have experience are the worst. Ive had several of those calls myself being a mom with 4 special needs kids. My oldest has a history of toileting issues and we've had subs and recess helpers call on us because he had an accident and "only molested kids wet themselves after age 5"'s hard and stressful but you do the best you can. My oldest still wets the bed, even though a pullup (he's 15) because of his issues and I just explained to them the issues and they understood. My worker was downright mean over the phone and upon first arrival...even said she was sending the police out because I wasn't home during the day (I work) because I must have been avoiding her, but then she was very nice after looking around and said she was closing the case.
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