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Re: New to Homesteading idea...

Originally Posted by missc View Post
Things definitely shift when you move to a homestead. Chores need to be done, at minimum, twice daily - either dh or I do them depending on what we have going that day. For us, the kids don't always help with chores as it takes double the time. My 5yo is starting to take more of an active role though, as the cats, 1 dog, and 1 pony are hers. It depends on the kind of animals and what your goals are - but for us, when we moved out here, we knew that we wouldn't want to be in town as much, would want to spend more time at home, slow down, grow more of our own food (meat animals, laying chickens, and veggie garden).
I do agree with starting slow...sometimes the added weight of increased acreage and figuring out where and how to house the animals is enough for a little bit. But knowing what your priorities are can help you figure out what you want out of a homestead. I knew I didn't want to spend my time on the riding lawn mower, so we have a small lawn. Our horses aren't stalled. We deep bed our animals - it's easier/faster in the winter to clean, the composting action creates warmth for them, and I'll have awesome compost for my garden come spring. Making smarter choices can make the load easier on you, but it will be different for sure. You have to want to do it.
Best of luck! It is awesome, living out here!
I like that suggestion of knowing what your goals are and then going slowly. Like if you know you want chickens and you want to rotate their pasteuring ground (if free range is too dangerous for yours) and then you eventually want hooved animals, and then your garden; it will help if you take all that into consideration when arranging your land, but then only add 1-2 new ventures at once. Ex: I have a friend who rotates her chicken's grazing and also has their fencing for those different areas right beside her garden so in the winter, she plants an area with rye for her chickens to have and peck at when she lets them in there. Then in the summer, it's off limits for them because she has it fenced in correctly. If that makes sense! The set up is perfect and though she just gardened first, it was already thought up of how to do it when she added in chickens.
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