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Re: how much sleep?

Not nearly enough! I'm a night owl. I liven up at night, even when I'm actually exhausted. It's kind of miserable. Anytime I make it to bed before midnight is a win. The baby sleeps through the night 99% of the time. My almost 3 year old is up constantly though. He sleepwalks. We used to find him bawling and confused in random places through the house. We put a baby gate on his door. Now he just stands at the baby gate and wails. He goes back down quickly and relatively easily, but I don't. Some nights we have several sessions of this. I find it so hard to fall back asleep. DH's alarm goes off as early at 5am some mornings. I have to help him get up because he's just incapable of waking up on his own. That often leads to a fight because he's not always nice or even halfway coherent when woken. Then it takes me forever to fall back asleep again. The kids wake up anytime between 7 & 9 (if DSD isn't here and up for school). I love the days when they sleep until 9!

I just can't ever shut my brain off. Also, if I'm anticipating an alarm going off soon I really struggle to relax. It's ridiculous. Some nights I lay awake for hours. I hate it.
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