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Originally Posted by marliah View Post
I noticed this too! Our play dough press broke and I tossed it in the trash, the children have been playing much more with the dough now, they just take a knie or fork out of the utensil drawer and play for quite a long time making shapes and cutting things out. Not only do they play longer and nicer but that's got to be better for fine motor skills, cutting something out with a dull knife requires more thought and precision than putting dough in a press and pushing a lever. now if I would just apply this to the coloring pile and ditch the massive pile of half used coloring books I would really make some progress!
I went through our coloring books once, took out the uncolored pages, and put them in a folder. The kids went through them after that. I think they were overwhelmed with having to go through the books to find the uncolored pages.
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