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Re: Chat Thread ~ Feb 3rd - 9th

Originally Posted by mibarra View Post
Neither of my docs was interested in doing anything to deliver the babies early before my loss, they just wanted me to be prepared to go into labor earlier because it was a stronger possibility. But after lotsa time on these boards I'm beginning to suspect I've had unusually positive experiences with doctors!

AFM: Still no job for DH. There was one that would've been perfect, but he just got notified they filled it and he didn't even get an interview. They emailed late Friday saying there was an issue with his application, but he had to call Monday and leave a message and they never got back to him so we don't even know if his application went through. I'm so mad!
It does sound like you had an unusual experience, lol! SOOO many twin mamas I hear say their OB says "36 weeks is full term, so we're taking them then", of course meaning that they've scheduled a c-sec for 36 weeks immediately upon finding out it was twins. I just don't like that idea.

That really stinks for you guys. And what a crappy way to have handled things on the company's part.

Originally Posted by bai18176 View Post
No problems, everything is looking fine, besides the possibility of one being smaller than she should, but an u/s on Friday should give us more info on that. It wasn't looking like a serious issue. I think the problem was more that we were planning on the coast, and the Oregon coast is quite desolate. Very restful; I would be much more likely to go into labor if I went to an actual city because I would so over do it, but I can see where she's coming from I guess.

My drs and midwife all think I can carry to full-term-40 weeks-if my body wants to; no one is going to try to rush these babies unless they have really good reason to. They just like to prepare for worst case scenario as well. That's what they are trained for, I suppose. She normally is very laid back about stuff.
She doesn't really sound laid back, using fear tactics to make you stay home at this point with no troubling factors.
Like I said, if you're feeling good and things are going normally like they have with your other pregnancies, I would go and have a great relaxing time! She's all about you resting, you'll get way more rest there than you would at home through the same time, likely!

Originally Posted by momneedssupport View Post
Question: constipation.........what are you doing to help it? Day three here and i think its making me weigh more
I'm not having any constipation troubles, though I was super worried about it with starting the iron pills. If anything, though, I'm going the "other way".

Originally Posted by EmilytheStrange View Post
Drinking enough water?

Maybe a cup of coffee to get things moving?

Additionally fibrous fruit?

Originally Posted by momneedssupport View Post
Drink tons of water, coffee every morning and green smoothies.

Idk. I guess i will do some metamucil. Blech.
Hmm... sounds like you're doing all the "right" things - maybe it's just how baby is laying in there, pressing or whatnot on the wrong spots or something?
Metamucil is supposed to be a pretty sure-fire fix, isn't it? Worth a shot! for ya!

AFM: Today is Elliana's birthday. I'm going to get cupcakes on the go in a few minutes, and I got some ink last night so I can finish the valentine's decorations I want to put up - like I said before, pink and hearts and love is perfect even for her day
And, besides that, I still have Christmas garland up over the dining room window and need to get it down - but the window is very bare without it, so I wanna replace it with a valentine's bunting.
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