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Re: Why simple is hard (article)

YES! I'm deep in the throes of un-junking our house. The "hoarding room," as my husband so affectionately calls it, is starting to overflow into another room. The garage sale isn't until May. So it has to stay until then....

Sidenote, but thought it might be relavant to the conversation - I decluttered toys. For serious this time. I was skeptical that simply limiting the number of toys would cure all ills. Even when I was done and looking at it, I still wasn't sure if I'd pared back enough or too much. I still figured I'd be picking up toys every evening for 15 minutes.

Boy, was I wrong. Their play is so much different, they are playing with toys they haven't played with in months, they haven't once asked for any of the toys that are put away, them seem to "cherish" the toys more than usual, and even if stuff is scattered around, it's considerably less and takes just 5-10 minutes and not even every day.

Anyhow, all that said, I'm completely sold on movingn forward in my minimalism journey.
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