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Re: What is your third grader doing in math?

My SON did the following:
Building a Rectangle
Solve for an Unknown
Divide by 1 and 2
Symbols: "", "/"
Divide by 10
Symbol of Half Rectangle
Divide by 5, by 3
Perpendicular and Parallel Lines
Divide by 9
Finding Area of a Parallelogram
Divide by 6
Finding Area of a Triangle
Divide by 4
Divide by 7 and 8
Finding Area of a Trapezoid
Place Value Notation
Place Value: Thousands and Millions
Place Value: Billions and Trillions
Expanded Notation
Divide: One Digit with Remainders
Upside Down Multiplication
Divide: Two Digit by One Digit
Divide: Three Digit by One Digit
Fractional Remainders
Rounding and Estimation
Divide: Three Digit by Two Digit
Divide: Four Digit by One Digit
Divide: Four Digit by Two Digit
Divide: Multiple Digit by Multiple Digit
Volume of a Rectangular Solid
Fraction of a Number
Roman Numerals: I, V, X, L,C
Fraction of 1
Roman Numerals: D, M, Multiples of 1000

My ODD did this:
Rectangle: Factors and Product
Multiply by 1, by 0, Symbols
Skip Count by 2, 5 and 10
Multiply times 2
1 Quart = 2 Pints
Multiply times 10
Patterns: Coloring and Thinking
Multiply times 5
Finding the Area of a Rectangle
Finding the Area of a Square
Solve for an Unknown
Skip Count by 9
Multiply times 9
Skip Count by 3
Multiply times 3
3 feet = 1 yard
1 Tablespoon = 3 Teaspoons
Skip Count by 6
Multiply times 6
Skip Count by 4
Multiply by Multiples of 10
using "Mittens"
Multiply times 4
4 Quarts = 1 Gallon
4 Quarters = 1 Dollar
Skip Count by 7
Multiply times 7
Multiply times 100 with "Mittens"
Skip Count by 8
Multiply times 8
8 Pints = 1 Gallon
Multiple Digit Multiplication
Place Value Notation
Rounding to 10, 100, 1,000
Multiply times 11 and times 12
Double Digit Multiplication with Regrouping
Multiple Digit Multiplication with Regrouping
Finding Factors
25 = 1 Quarter
10,000 - 100,000 - 1,000,000
16 Ounces = 1 Pound
Prime and Composite Numbers
5,280 feet = 1 Mile
1 Ton = 2,000 Pounds

Sorry for it taking up so much space. I just copied and pasted directly from the Math-U-See website. What my daughter did is more what typically 3rd graders would be doing, I think, as if my son continues on the same path he's on right now, he'll be doing pre-algebra in 6th grade.

ETA: Not all of this was new to them. Some was review, some was digging deeper into stuff already introduced to them.

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