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Re: Food recommendations for a child with allergies

Dd is allergic to wheat, eggs, tree nuts, fish, coconut, and a few other foods (has outgrown peanut and some others). We've always made her own cupcakes for parties, etc.

My best recommendation for gluten-free, egg-free baking is not to try to "adjust" recipes that call for gluten and eggs. Because most gluten-free baking uses egg to counteract the gummy, gluten-free texture, you really need to use recipes that are specifically formulated to be gluten and egg-free.

My very favorite gluten-free cupcakes are these, which we do for pretty much every birthday. We use all-purpose gluten-free flour (Gluten-Free Pantry brand, Whole Foods, or King Arthur). They are AMAZING. You can't tell they're gluten free.

Dd is not allergic to dairy, so we usually do homemade buttercream, but most Pillsbury frostings are gluten-, egg-, dairy-, and nut-free.

I might point your friend to:
The forums there are amazing and there is an extensive library of recipes, plus you can get advice from many, many people managing the same allergies.

ETA: There are also tons of good allergen-free brands out there. Enjoy Life foods is completely top-8 free, and they make a whole range of cookies, bars, etc. My dd LOVES their sugar cookies and their double chocolate Brownie cookies.

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