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Re: What color would you paint...

For now dd2 colored some posters and those arehung up by her side of the room (she hates thr black because its too dark at night so the posters brightened up her corner of the room). If I asked their opinion dd2 would never agree to anything other than pink and ds would strongly object to pink. So any painting would be done without their opinions involved for my sanity - they'd get to pick accessories.

We're torn - we only painted the room 2 years ago and its dh's dream room so he cringes at the thought of painting it. But dd2 hates the color with a passion. We've girlified her corner which helps but she still complains. So the debate is leave it that she's bunking with ds for now or paint it to make it more 'their' room. Nothing will happen for a good 2-3 months in case she decides to just head back down to her princess room when the newness of this wears off.
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