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Re: Pregnancy After Loss (Feb 1-14)

(((Elena))) Hope Elli's birthday was not too hard for you. Life going on is the way it is though.

Marie-YAY for viability! I'm there today

It'll be a year since my m/c in 2 weeks. I share with you guys that this baby wouldn't be here if that baby would have lived. In fact I got my BFP on my lost angel's EDD.

AFM-had another checkup and placenta has already moved a bit-YAY! Baby is still transverse but the Doc thinks it's because the placenta is still so low and is where the head would be if baby were head down. We also talked a bit about the actual birth and decided on a definite induction if my cervix is favorable. (it's always been so I'm not worried!). Now let's hope baby doesn't decide to be funny and be earlier than induction. Like I've said before I do NOT want a toddler assisted homebirth :P I'm curious if the induction will be worse or better than my 2 super fast births. At least I should hopefully be able to get pain meds this time. (LOL now wath me go in under an hour again!) My SPD is MUCH better thankfully and I can move again. YAY for that! Still naueous and puking but that's not new is it?!
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