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My Doc also doesn't "believe" in progesterone but she did prescribe me 100mg Prometrium this time more for my benefit I guess. There are no reasons for me not to have kept the last 3 either. I started taking the baby aspirin this time and once the test was positive started taking the progesterone. But mostly like you I told God just to let me be grateful for what I have and for this baby for however long He lends he/she to me. I am also a HUGE control freak. I ask Him everyday to forgive me for trying to take it back. I pray you will be blessed with your keeper very soon.

Jaime and Sherill - just rooting for your O time to be filled with swimmers!!

AFM - had some light brown discharge today and trying to keep relaxed and joyous. No cramping or red yet so I have only things to be happy about. This day I am still carrying my baby. I am officially 4 weeks today. I am wondering if it is ok to stay here for a bit longer. I just really don't want to start connecting to a group only to possibly have to leave. KWIM?
Please stay. Reading that just made me tear up. Just a beautiful sentiment. I hope if god blesses me again with another baby i can just let go and let him have control.

Afm:i finally! A neg opk this afternoon. It's still dark but not quite as dark as the control line. So now i need to see what my temps do. If i did O on cd 17, then i should be able to test on valentine's day even though it will be early. A bfp would be the best valentine's day gift ever.
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