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Re: anyone decline the PKU?

Originally Posted by ingrid5699 View Post
Okay-reading better I get why you declined. You are right that the test is NOT accurate enough before baby has had some milk so generally 48-72h. Doing it right after the birth is not recommended and I think on that grounds I would decline too. Any ped should be able to do the test so I would just have him do it in that window.
I didn't decline it with any of my kids.

I was just wondering if anyone HAD declined it, and could offer some insight on their choice. My MW has clients that DO decline it. And I was wondering WHY someone would choose to decline it. That's all.

Like you, I see it as a valuable test.

We only do one heel stick here, there are not two. Yes, it tests for more than just PKU. It tests for a lot of metabolic disorders. You *can* decline it. I personally never have.

But I will be seeing this time if there is a way to postpone the test to a few days after the birth. It seems totally useless to do it when the results won't be useful (ie., quickly after the birth like was done before).
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