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Re: Play Date Issues.

I'm the same way. My oldest (11 now) has stayed at ONE friend's house without me, and it's because I trust him/his parents. We had an issue with a little boy staying at our house when DS was about 6, and he asked him to have sex (the other boy did). Since then... it's been a no-go. My younger two have never stayed the night/by themselves with anyone except my mom. And they won't anytime soon, and they are 4 and 5.

My kids don't go to birthday parties by themselves. They don't go anywhere by themselves, and I don't feel bad about it. We go to the park with friends, go to friends houses, etc. But they go nowhere alone, and honestly, it will stay that way until I am comfortable.

I would just be honest. "We just moved, we have a million things going on, I'd love to take time to get to know you guys, but right now we are incredibly busy. I'll keep in touch." and leave it at that.
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