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Smile Re: ****Winter**** Chicken Moma chat thread. Join in the chat!

Originally Posted by 3lilbubs View Post
EEEEE!!! The silkie eggs are here and the mottled ameraucanas are waiting for me at the post office!

So I had no brokens in the silkie eggs, two look pretty porous so those may not be good but I have 2 buff, 2 grey(blue), 2 white, 1 paint, 3 from a black/paint/white pen, and ... 2 partridge!!! Wheee!! [/COLOR]
I am so excited for you! It's a wonder they all arrived safe and sound, good luck on your hatch! I really wish we had some hatching eggs. We are at capacity (slightly over actually) but I expect at least one or two to start crowing sometime soon from our October/December babies. Maybe I can hatch a few if my silkie or Cochin goes broody, that would be so incredible.

I am lol'ing at the blinders. I missed what those were for, but they are so funny.

I found a couple small coops on Craigslist, they are exactly what we needed and are being delivered on Saturday. I know the price seems high, but we need something like this so we can move them around every couple days and need the girls to be contained for the most part when we are not outside, so the run is perfect. I got the last two he had left, he is a custom furniture maker and built four. The first two sold. I think two is a nice number to have so we can connect them at the run or use them to bring up the littles or for a broody mama.

Here is the ad, we are getting the chalet in large and are paying quite a bit less than his quoted prices.
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