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Re: Considering not circumcising. No judgments please.

First, excuse me if I'm totally off here commenting on your situation, as a Christian who never lived in America.

You are in conflict because of the expectations/needs of
- your community,
- your son,
- god, and
- yourself as parents.

Now, bring these in order of importance!

I have the impression that the problem is between you and the community, and that god and your son will be fine with each other!

Personally, from the new testament I take that there are things more important to god than strictly obeying rules. Such as love, empathy and generosity. I don't believe he wants anyone to be in unnecessary pain.

You will always get comments on many of your parenting choices! You can tell the critics you want him to decide later. He will decide depending how he lives religion, how much he wants to confirm to the community, and how he feels about additional surgery and changes on his body.

Good luck!

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