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Gross pregnancy sweating. ew.

I am a sweaty fiend. It's so gross.

Is there anything I can do to try to manage this insane sweating?

When I am not pregnant, I rarely sweat.

When I am pregnant, it's as if every pore suddenly comes alive.

I feel really gross and smelly. And I shower often, and I wear smelly-good-spray. I don't use deo when not preggo, but I do put some on before I leave the house if I am preggo. Just b/c I am hoping it will clog my pores so they CAN'T sweat and make big wet marks when I am in public.

My air conditioner (yes, AC - I'm in FL. Highs in the 80s this wk ) is set on 75 degrees. In the summer, I typically keep it on 76/77. So, 75 should be comfortable.

But I'm still sweating.

I'm having to change sheets more, I'm waking up with a damp pillow, I go pee and come back and lay down and realize there's a big wet spot where I was laying, have to change my undies 5 times a day from sweat or pee, my shirts I have to change a couple times a day from sweat under the armpits, I can barely stand to wear any clothes...

I feel really gross. And I'm getting tired of all the sweaty laundry.

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