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Re: To Booster or Not to Booster?

I bought a cheap cosco booster to start booster training my ds shortly before he was 5, and honsetly its got an awesome fit for him, I was really surprised. I got it primarily for him to take to his dads after he told me he sometimes rides in the "big boy seat", aka, no carseat at all. He sits really well in it, and it came in handy when my car, and therefore his nauti was totalled. He even stayed in position well when he fell asleep on the trip back from houston to san antonio (and there was less head slump than in the nauti!)

but with that said, I chose to replace his nauti with another one. I did let him in on the decision, and he said he wanted another car seat, instead of a "fancy booster", lol. He is 5 yrs 4 months, 42lbs in December, and 41 inches last I remember. I feel better with him harnessed, but I'm glad to know he can ride safely in a booster if he needs to.
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