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Re: Paleo/primal mamas?

Wow! I guess I am doing pretty well, then. I can (have to, really) eat eggs in the morning. If I skip, I feel horrible all day. I can eat (and love) meat, salads, and veggies. My biggest problems are that what really sounds good is a bowl of honey nut cheerios (organic of course, hehe) with milk (raw, grass-fed, of course!), toast and honey, and Special K cookies (please don't ask, they are the farthest thing from healthy you can imagine).

I tried taking a prenatal the other morning, and I think that is the reason I felt terrible all day long. I've not worked up the courage to try it again.

It isn't morning sickness really for me. It is all day esp. in the middle of the night sickness. If I keep eating all day, it sort of helps, but doesn't completely remove it. I was hoping for suggestions for getting rid of all those grains and sweets cravings. Sounds like I may be out of luck, lol.
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