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Re: i need a simple menu......

Mexican Monday (tacos, fajitas, enchiladas)
Italian Tuesday (spaghetti, lasagne, fettucine alfredo, tuna noodle casserole)
Breakfast for Dinner Wednesday (waffles, egg casserole, pancakes, breakfast burritos)
Americana Thursday (BLTs, grilled fish, hamburgers, grilled cheese with tomato soup, chicken pot pie)
Asian Fridays (stir fry, cashew chicken, mongolian beef, shrimp lo mein)
Soupy Saturdays

You could have like 4 meals in each category and just rotate thru them on a 4-week cycle.

I try to use one recipe with each of chicken, beef, pork, fish, and eggs each week. So I shoot for recipes that fulfill that. Virtually all our meals (except hamburgers) use meat as a compliment, not as a main course.

Almost any recipe can be made nutritious just by using whole ingredients, making things from scratch, whole grains, subtituting veggies for some things (chickpeas for tacos, spaghetti squash for spaghetti noodles, etc). We do almost all one-pot meals and also have a third of the food at each meal be a cold vegetable, and then there are veggies built in to the one-dish.

I plan for 6 dinners a week and we eat leftovers for lunch, filling in with sandwiches on occasion when they run out, and going out to eat one night a week.

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